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Player Ratings

Post by tig_prmz » Sun 09 Mar, 2014 9:48 pm

Others are more than welcome to criticise and acknowledge here. These is what I thought of each player looking at the game live.

1. Teddy: best for us today. Brilliant in attack and under the high ball in defense. However, would like him to work on his on line defense esp coz it's easy for the opposition to break our line.

2. Patty: there were a couple of crap kicks which he attempted to bat back rather lazily...good kick offs. He'll be an asset when we are doing good but IMO he won't give us the leadership and attitude a senior like him should.

3. Lawrence: didn't receive enough clean ball today. In attack, he didn't look sharp and looked a little weak. Ran good decoys though. Flawless in defense.

4. Lulia: on line defense was pathetic. However he scrambled extremely well and did a couple of brutal hits on the halfway mark. He reads the game well IMO.

5. Koro: he needs to learn how to get to the ground quickly. This is not NYC where he can run over blokes. There are others who are 10x stronger than him if there are 3 people on him. Thought he was woeful in both defense and attack.

6. Anasta: he surprise me tbh. He looked deceivingly sharp and fast. Most of the kicks were bad. Good defense.

7. Brooks: everything needs improvement. Running, kicking and obviously defense. Did nothing spectacular today and I find it extremely hard to rate him. Can't compare him to the JTs and Cronks but he looked average as a teenage halfback. Would like to see him behind a dominant halfback and with when he is standing deeper in the line with room to move to get a good look at his potential.

8. Woods: one good run but the others were horrible. The first hit up he got smashed. Doesn't run with enough venom. But I think he will get better as the season goes on. Needs to get aggressive not via niggling but by running hard. Looked slow in defense. Worked hard though.

9. Farah : most disappointed in him today. Seemed extremely slow in getting the ball to the first receiver. Didn't look interested in doing anything unless there was half a chance. Kicking bad. Needs to stop takin that one step out of DH to get the ball quicker to the first receiver.

10. Tapau: most impressed by him. Could be the best signing we make after Ellis. Ran hard tackled hard. Cannot ask for more.

11. Fulton: missed ah Mau? For the first try. Doesn't seem strong enough for the second row but id like to see him play on the left where he normally plays. Tried hard and hopefully he is right for next week. True champion.

12. Bodene: a little surprised. Didn't read good in defense but ran and tackled very hard. He was givin 100% the whole time. Has some ball skill as well.

13. Blair: 2 good runs. After 2 years and 1 game I have finally given up on him. Where was the pressure on kickers- the only thing he is good at.

14. Paterson: looked slow and lost out there. Might be in state cup next week if Fulton is good to go. BMM would be a better choice. Lacked confidence.

15. Gavet: what a machine. Missed a couple of tackles but that's fine considering his first NRL game in 2 years. Gives 100%. We've recruited well.

16. Sue: TANK! Amazing leg drive. Can't believe there is no thread on him yet. Tackles very hard and today he didn't miss many like last year. He's gonna be a star for us.

17. Ava: not sure how much he played? Didn't see him much out there.

Potter: thought he used his bench extremely well. Think bodene played the most minutes out of the forwards. He certainly rates him. Needs to tell brooks to stand deeper. All the forwards will certainly stay behind him and charge onto the ball rather than get it flat footed from farah. Needs new attacking plans. Attack didn't gel well at all.

Hopefully nofo is back next week and id be inclined to start Simona off state cup tbh. An out of the box idea but maybe brooks could go state cup to get some confidence tbh. As a 19yo it's extremely hard to override people with 600 games between them. I wouldn't drop him but it could be an option in the future if he shows minimal improvement and confidence.

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Post by Love the WestsTigers » Sun 09 Mar, 2014 10:01 pm

-Teddy takes my vote for our best.
-Koro probs the worst letting 2 easy tries in his corner with Brooks close 2nd.
Fulton needed help from Brooks in that tackle but got nothing so cant say he couldnt hang on, Futz always tries hard.
-Spot on about Paterson, He was in all sorts, I would promote BMM for the next game over him

Shame because i can go all night about how most were below par but whats the point.

i did enjoy the hard hitting from Sue, Gavet, Tapau and Ava carried well too. What you need off the bench - energy.

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Post by russelldp » Sun 09 Mar, 2014 10:37 pm

Woods looks well short if a gallop, as does Sue.

With Fulton gone and these two running out of gas, we were caught out big time.

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