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Re: 3-2-1

Post by Tiger Watto » Mon 17 Mar, 2014 10:30 am

southerntiger wrote:
Tiger Watto wrote: Brooks did everything he needed to do yesterday, but was no where near our top 5 players.
Really. The bombs. The short kick to Tedesco, the pass to Nofo, the chip and backing up to score.

You are a tough task master if he wasn't near the top 5. Involved in pretty much everything good we did apart from the tries by Bodene and Tapau.
Not saying he wasnt good, but a lot of supporters love glorifying the good stuff we see on tv. Realistically, what you mentioned is his job and was all on the back of good meters... meters that the others provided through hard work or leadership from others.

This is why 3-2-1 is so difficult after a great win... We all see it different?!
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