South Sydney Round 3 team


South Sydney Round 3 team

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Anonymous wrote:
Blackpearl wrote:
"willow" wrote:Solid forward pack, backline looks a bit 'meh' though. Winnable, provided we get off the line quickly and swarm their forwards like Manly did.
X 2 ...maquire = hasler = no plan B and over rated coaches to the maxShown up again last week by the cgulls. When sowfs can't roll through with the forwards the wheels get wobbly. Also did inglis play in last years final flogging against the cgulls ? If its not too obvious .... I despise sowfscum !
??? Hasler over rated???? Arguablly the best coach in the last decade peanut

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Is this the leagueunlimeted forum?

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happy tiger
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pHyR3 wrote:reddy is not a defensive weakness for them i dont think, test him out a bit but lote and merrit should be targets along with sutton in the 2nd half.
He is if you can turn him around , same with Lote

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Post by tig_prmz » Wed 19 Mar, 2014 10:41 pm

Reddy is a better defender than any of our centres

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My Round 1 Team 2018

1. lolo 2. noffa 3. suli 4. milne 5. fonua
6. reynolds 7. brooks
8. packer 9. ET 10. Twal
11. McQuen 12. Lawrence 13. Eiso
14. Matulino 15. McIllwrick 16. Sue 17. Aloiai
18. Marsters 19. Benji 20. Grant 21. K Naiqama
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tig_prmz wrote:Reddy is a better defender than any of our centres

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That's if he can catch them . Go the mighty tigers ohh ahh!! Can't wait

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