Go Blake & Kurtis!

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Re: Go Blake & Kurtis!

Post by willow » Sun 13 Apr, 2014 2:25 pm

Eddie wrote:
happy tiger wrote:
Eddie wrote:Wow Happy

He missed a couple of kick, chase tackles. Lets hang the guy for that. Lets point out that that is the reason we need Braith back. Don't worry about the enthusiasum and pressure he put on to nearly pull off those tackles.

Anasta made 8 tackels against Manly. He misses a few as well he is far from a great defender. Austin gives us a whole new dimension in attack. Braith adds a fraction more then zero to it. With Farah out i reckon the case is even stronger for Austin, we need avanues to score points.

I don't buy into the experience for experience sake factor. I buy into confidence, youth and players that are hungry for success. We will just have to agree to disagree.
Yeah and do you think we will beat Parra with Brooks ,Austin and Luani in the 7,6 and 9 jerseys ??
With Farah out i see Parra as favourites. To counter that i reckon we need to find more avanues in attack.

Personally i give us a better chance with Austin than Anasta. I can see your argument, and its valid, i just dont agree with it.
Agree Eddie, although I'd be inclined to try Austin at 9 given he has a good passing and kicking game and has plenty of speed around the ruck to take advantage when our forwards draw the defence in and follow it up with a quick play the ball.

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Post by bonstonker » Sun 13 Apr, 2014 3:30 pm

to be honest,i would like to see how brooks and austin go for the next month.
but i don't see that happening,and i don't want potter trying to force both players into the 17.

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Post by Goose » Sun 13 Apr, 2014 5:48 pm

Thought both did a good job and proved to be good back up.
Rowe was very safe at the back without being brilliant
Austin was strong but feel Anasta brings experience and stability which is valuable

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Post by Newtown » Sun 13 Apr, 2014 6:36 pm

Austin showed huge promise in last night's match but at the moment we need a new captain who can steer the team. Anasta to 5/8 next week and Austin with an asterisk to State Cup. I believe that we will see Austin return to First Grade in the next few weeks.

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