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Happy / sad

Post by jirskyr » Sat 14 Jun, 2014 1:50 pm

1. Um...

2. Err...

3. Bodene Thompson, I thought he was good again, really putting in consistent footy.

4. Tedesco quality try and becoming a left-fend machine, even if Rabbits marked him fairly well all night.

5. Brooksie quality defence on S Burgess. I'd even go as far as saying Burgess had more impact when he started playing tight in the second half rather than running at Brooks all night.

6. I still think Blake Austin does more good than bad. Had a few mistakes last night, but he is one of the most threatening attacking weapons we have, even though we have shuffled him around the park all year.

Sad (take a breath)
1. Anasta - seriously dude how often are you gonna kick the ball into opposition players who aren't even trying to charge you down? Even if we get the ball back it's still 5th tackle, how hard is it to kick higher than 6 ft off the ground?

2. Hammer Halatau - second week straight a benchie lasts 2 minutes before getting concussed.

3. Penalties - always spoken about at length, but last night was really dumb dumb footy. Rabbits were gifted so much field position.

4. Rowdy Lawrence was abysmal. Let's not go lunatic and call for his head, he's had a fairly solid year so far, but that was arguably his worst game ever. If you had bound his hands shut he still couldn't have dropped the ball more.

5. Patty Richards, I love the guy, but will he ever dive for the corner instead of taking the tackle? I thought his first chance could have been a try if he didn't try to barge over. His second chance - well he is just lucky Sirro had already knocked on.

6. Really ordinary ruck defence esp Jesse Sue, I thought he struggled to make effective tackles for much of the game, caught with his head down a lot.

7. Johnston try - pathetic, reminded me of the time Josh Morris took a hitup from 10 out and ran the length. Austin arm-grabbing, Sue and someone else paying absolutely no attention to cover.

8. Sidelines = dangerous! I'd love to see the stats on how often we are driven over the side, esp from early tackles or off scrums. We must be somewhere like at least 1 per match on average. If you weigh 80 kg and there is any slick on the field, don't run near touch!

9. Joel Luani is not a hooker, he is a backrower. He runs ok but he does nothing for forward advancement; Austin was substantially more effective at getting our forwards over the advantage line and he's no hooker either.

10. That I went to bed rather than posting about Tigers last night.

11. That performance shows us that at our best we can trouble most opposition, but at our worst we are as toothless as any side. We will never be a premiership threat so long as our bad games are that bad.

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Post by larrycorowa » Sat 14 Jun, 2014 2:50 pm

Thanks for the thought post.

We have a young developing side with a few major deficiencies. With several of our leaders and best players out, a few underdone and a weak bench, given the amount of ball we turned over we could not compete with one of the competition favourites.

We ran 2nd last in 2013. We are at the bottom end of the 8. We have improved enormously and have huge upside. Last year we were just never a chance in these games. I am really happy with where we are at and have full confidence in Potter to get us where we need to go. Rome wasn't built in a day!!!

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