Austin at fullback and a smile from Potter

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Re: Austin at fullback and a smile from Potter

Post by alexaki » Wed 02 Jul, 2014 8:25 pm

AmericanHistoryX wrote:you can have Tedesco @ fullback but with Luani @ hooker it means jack. For example what's wrong with Halatau at 9? & i don't want to begin on as to why.
One thing i can tell you for sure is that Potter is no hooker.
A hooker thinks more than a fullback throughout the match - Im talking headspace - Halatau has it.
Where is the logic in this.
Any takers?

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Halatau is named in the side..

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Post by AmericanHistoryX » Wed 02 Jul, 2014 8:32 pm

as hooker?

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Post by Love the WestsTigers » Wed 02 Jul, 2014 8:39 pm

AmericanHistoryX wrote:as hooker?

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I think the issue with Halatau for this game is the lack of matches he has played so far due to injuries

Im with you, years ago he was in competition with Robbie for the No 9 spot and i rate him better the Luani but we have to get a lot of mins from our 9 for this game.

Im just hoping Halatau has a good start and stays un-injured this game
Poor bloke has had bad luck since coming back

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Post by tig4ever » Wed 02 Jul, 2014 9:21 pm

Bones wrote:
Newtown wrote:
tig4ever wrote:I love Austin's attitude but he can only dream of having Moses' ability in my humble opinion.
I don't know whether he has Moses' ability but he certainly has the right confidence and heart.
I have seen blokes with more ability fail, and some with less succeed.

I'm prepared to go with Potters choice at this stage and I also think Austin has earned the chance.
It's not just his ability Bones…it's the whole package. Moses hates to lose & demands high standards of himself at all times. You can't teach that you're born with it mate. But as I said, I do admire Austin's attitude. I'm sure Potter will make best decision for the team.

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Post by happy tiger » Wed 02 Jul, 2014 10:25 pm

He could be anything in any of the spine positions

But he has to work on his passing game , he has a great running game , but I haven't seen him put someone in a hole once this season

That's an issue , but he can work on that

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