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Happy / sad

Post by jirskyr » Fri 11 Jul, 2014 10:27 pm

1. Lawrence I thought was pretty good tonight, large improvement on last week.

2. Moses copped a billion hits but took them all, good lad.

3. Galloway, Ava and Jesse Sue had some good carries.

4. Woods was his typical one-man pack, he is a class above every forward on that field and he's just played an Origin match.

1. There are going to be comments about Potter on this forum tonight, but I mostly saw costly errors, piggyback penalties and bad execution. Whatever the game plan was, we did not play to it.

2. Manly showed how a good team executes. We probably had the same number of chances at each other's lines, but Manly built pressure and executed their plays, running hard and catching passes. In contrast we bumbled and fumbled, hoping to barge over in a solo effort. Absolutely poles apart in class tonight and on the past two performances we deserve to be 10th or so.

3. Forwards muscled up well in 2nd half but ball control undid all the good work. Rugby League is not a 50% game. Gavet and Taupau unfortunately were culprits.

4. Farah overplayed his hand tonight, I'm afraid the harder he tried the worse it was. He's a champion, he'll bounce back.

5. Backline moves are really poor. Without seeing slow-mo vision of our attack, I can't tell if it's the positioning or the pass selection, but we often come up with an error when we play 2nd man in backline. Manly and Penrith on the other hand, used the same plays on us with excellent results.

6. Brooksie is struggling to assert himself in these tough games. He's only a kid and needs more time, but he's had better performances at the start of the year. Perhaps the forwards platform has a lot to do with it, but teams are only going to swarm and swarm him more, he's got to add a few more strings to his bow rather than just the pass to Lawrence/Siro or the midfield bomb.

7. Messy defence at the ruck. Manly did not beat us around the ruck as badly as Penrith did, but we still failed to get bodies in front of the ball and effect clean tackles. We improved in the 40-60 minute mark, but too many bodies rolling about, leaning into tackles, sloppy execution. Hayne already had it out for us, we gave too many excuses to be penalised.

8. Refs - don't need to go on about it, but haven't seen that many poor calls in one game for a long while. I can cop a 50/50s, but there must have been at least 6 or 7 glaringly obvious mistakes in that game and there are supposed to be 4 on-field officials plus vid ref.

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Post by Flippedy » Fri 11 Jul, 2014 10:31 pm

Sorry Jirskyr but there are no Happys tonight - it's all sad, sad, sad!
Sooner or later, next year has to be this year - Ricksen

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Post by Newtown » Fri 11 Jul, 2014 10:49 pm

It would have been better to start the season very badly and then come good rather than the way this year has sadly run.

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Post by stevetiger » Sat 12 Jul, 2014 9:44 am

I agree with everything in the op.

We are just a long way off the pace however I think we can get a lot closer just be executing better. I can't see Brooks carrying us and I think we need Moses in the halves to give us more play making ability out there.

Simona and Tedesco are the backs that give us some oomph and they are both out although I don't think they would have made a difference.

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Post by Love the WestsTigers » Sat 12 Jul, 2014 9:54 am

Where is is the pissed off option

-Refs did that to us
-Then we dropped the ball cold made it worse
-Hat off the Farah, kept going the full 80 after 80 mins of SOO
-Some players tried their guts out but we really needed to walk away way with the 2 points

-Not good enough especially at the business end when our season can potentially be OVER

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