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Happy / sad

Post by jirskyr » Mon 21 Jul, 2014 11:53 am


1. Let's not go overboard about this, one game doth not a season make. But it was a complete turn-around from the Manly game and that is all you can ask from a football team in one week.

2. Won the penalty count and held the football, I don't think there is much more to it. People going off about Potter or individual players last few weeks, but if you can hold the ball you are in with a shot every game. If you give away possession, even the 16th-placed team can destroy you. That is the only way you can explain how under-strength Dogs beat Manly, Manly comfortably take us and yet we smashed the Dogs.

3. We should not underestimate how big a deal it was to put 46 on a #1 team, esp with so many missed conversions. After last week people questioned whether the season was shot, but this game shows we have the team to make an impact on the finals. The question is how many times this team can produce that quality of football in the next few months.

4. Bulldogs had us really troubled first 20-30 mins, glad to see we stuck with them and planned to play for the 80 mins. We came over the top of them so strongly in the last 30; the points and metres came because we hardly gave them the ball back.

5. Lulia 4 tries - never would have thought, but good on the guy. I liked that he looked nonchalant when he strolled over for one, a little surprised for the second. Then suddenly realising this is his day, taking on multiple defenders for tries 3 and 4 and punching the air before he's even back to his feet. He's a big strong guy, he seemed to thrive being forced to work down a small corridor, rather than try to be evasive or fleet-footed at centre. I like that Potter called it straight in the presso, said he had "done ok for us at times this year" with a wry smile.

6. Holding the ball = dominating. Doggies have one of the biggest packs, they weren't badly understrength; we just had too much motor in the back 30. The game plan was great, to work them in the middle, where they are theoretically strongest, to make space for us out wide. For once our execution in the backline was spot-on and we made the space count. Execution lead to possession, Dogs pack got tired, then our forwards were advancing at will. Ava and Jesse Sue going for over 100, Blair too... it was like tanks advancing over infantry.

7. Moses has great hands. Enough other things have already been said, but the kid certainly knows when to pass and when to hold.

8. Blake Austin - fast becoming my hero. Rough on the edges but such an enthusiastic footballer, wants to handle the ball and make things happen, not afraid to tuck it under the arm if play breaks down or he spots a gap. Gone are the days of a Benji #6 where he motions for someone else to take the tackle. All the while sporting a goatee like Colonel Sanders, he looks like Kevin Hardwick with a short-back-and-sides.

1. Nice to say, not much! Not finding out what happened to Lawrence on TV angered me, they edited like it didn't matter. We can't keep losing backs. If he's out, you can bet Lulia goes back to centre, is this better?

2. Still not enough winding up with hit-ups. Jesse Sue, Sirro, Gavet - they are all so strong on contact but do not have maximum momentum in their carries. Woods and Galloway are not fast, I expect them to lumber up, but they do this from a distance. Sue and Sirro are so explosive, they could give themselves another 5 metres and be true wrecking-balls. I want our forwards to break the line now, not just carry tacklers on their backs. Gavet, for whatever reason, almost stops before he surges late at the line, robbing himself of his speed. Manly killed us last week because their players wound up and hit the ball at top speed. We are lucky that Dogs are not a fast pack, they probably lumber more than we do.

3. Goal kicking / groin injuries. Not sure what the story is, but after having two fullbacks crack their patella, I am hoping we don't have two kickers busting their groins long-term. We need our 4 pointers to be 6s, we are not consistent or tough enough to rely on out-trying teams every week. Patty Richards who cannot kick is a serious weapon lost.

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