Wests Tigers v Dragons preview

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Re: Wests Tigers v Dragons preview

Post by happy tiger » Sun 27 Jul, 2014 11:41 am

Geo. wrote:
happy tiger wrote:
Geo your comparing steel and chalk

One club has heaps of seasoned vets who have seen this crap going on at Manly for years and love playing the siege mentality game

The other club has many players in their first two seasons and are probably worried about what could happen if a new coach comes in with their own careers

Add to that we are playing a side who is playing for its semi final existence ,(Saints are at last gasp saloon in my opinion ) and it all adds up to trouble brewing

I'll go as far as saying if we manage to win this game it could be rated in the clubs 5 best wins ever , defying all the odds that have been constantly thrown in our faces throughout 2014

Don't by it Happy...the same' Stories' where there last week against a better opposition
Part of me does , part doesn't .

As I said earlier in the week that it wouldn't surprise me if Johns and Farah where trying to get the boys to lift at an important time of the season by writing all these articles about Potter

But if that was the case , Mayer should of come out today and said something to fire everyone up to meet this challenge head on with actions on the field and mass support from the fans

The fact he hasn't disturbs me

Embrace the siege mentality fully , don't dance around the edges

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