Live game thread: Tigers V Dragons (spoilers)

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Re: Live game thread: Tigers V Dragons (spoilers)

Post by tw33k » Sun 27 Jul, 2014 5:45 pm

MacDougall wrote:Consistency = focus. Potter can't teach it to them clearly.
I'm not saying he can. I'm just disappointed at how it's all been handled. Like I said, I support the team not the coach...or the captain.

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Post by ulluru22 » Sun 27 Jul, 2014 5:51 pm

Irvine wrote:
ulluru22 wrote:Well I guess that's the final nail in Potter's coffin thanks to the players and the board!!
Good bye Potter!!
The whole Wests Tigers board and players u should hang you heads in shame!!

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You people keep blaming the players and the board. There are other people employed by the club who want Potter out.
So by loosing they have made a point??
We all know that u don't like the coach Irvine so what's new!!
I wouldn't care who the coach is but for us the fans to deserve what they dish out is very hard to swallow!!

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