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Happy / sad

Post by jirskyr » Wed 06 Aug, 2014 3:47 pm

A bit late this week but I still feel like posting about the match.


1. Woods was enormous again, he is comfortably the best prop we've ever fielded at WT. Towards the end of the match he was striding out almost like an ent from Lord of the Rings, massive strides into and through the line. Storm are the comp's best ruck team but they couldn't work Woodsie over, the guy is a monster. If he doesn't get a gig in the Aussie side next time around, I'm not here.

2. I liked what I saw from Simona, I thought he tried hard, looked dangerous with the ball and did a commendable job when forced to switch to wing (apart from the Waqa leap). I wonder if he isn't a better winger than centre overall.

3. Defence was ok. We got scrappy towards the end and Gavet was a culprit, but by and large we defended ok across the park. Melbourne crossed by exploiting our novice winger twice, a great play to Chambers, a bomb catch and a breakaway exploiting the lack of pace of Halatau. These were the result of individual deficiencies, not a bad defensive effort.

4. Speaking of the Chambers try, that was pure class from Cronk. Sometimes you can't be unhappy when your team defends ok but the opposition pulls out a diamond play. I was ok to watch the replays even though Moses slid over a la Shannon Mac.

5. Potts - regardless of what happens to him, he is a class bloke and such a measured figure. He has been under such scrutiny and he continues to front up and answer questions calmly and politely. I am sure what he really wants to do is shout and punch a few heads in, but he is such a professional in front of the media. There is a whole other thread about this, but if Robbie learns only one thing from Potter during their time together, let it be the way he handles the media.


1. We stayed with Melbourne early, but after about 20 mins they totally took control of the ruck. I don't know who Farah needs to blow to get a ruck penalty these days, there was one diabolical instance where Hoffman effected a tackle after standing beside the PTB. Melbourne got penalised heavily early, but we didn't really make them pay, and they then got away with more and more as the game progressed. In terms of ruck control, Melbourne are far better coached and better at executing than we are; this tactic is perfect against Tigers because we rely on a retreating line so much for our attacking shape.

2. You can't have Hammer or Bodene in the centres except where injuries demand during a game; we can't pick them as starting centres. They are too slow to chase and don't work well with their wingers; opposition teams are targeting this to great effect.

3. Siro did SFA at 5/8th. He's a backrower or a centre at a desperate pinch; if we are going to have Brooks out again we need to move Moses to 5/8th and promote Rowe. I'm not even close to a Rowe fan, which tells you how ineffective Siro is at 5/8.

4. Sita at winger... after the first try I wondered if it could be a masterstroke. I'm not going to hang the player or the coach, it was a left-field move and had some positives. Storm only crossed twice out that side and Sita crossed himself, so it was only a net -1 tries. Being honest though the lad needs a lot of work on ball handling if he is ever to grace the backs again. Sita certainly can make good metres from the back and I love his direct and hard running style; I have plenty of time for him overall.

5. All the pelicans decrying KG's performance. I don't get it, he makes the metres every week and is solid in defence. Yes he moves like an ocean liner, but he always has, he's no Fifita or Dave Taylor. Apart from two BS penalties when Storm instigated some ruck fracas, I thought KG matched the opposition and was as good as any forward behind Woods. Perhaps that is the problem, perhaps some people are measuring KG's output against Woods, which is just not going to happen.

6. Billy Slater is still a dog of a cat of a footballer, we get done for two shoulder-charges but he never gets called for using his feet on goal-line defence? I was so happy to see him collected on a number of occasions, even if we copped some suspensions. If NRL is going to make some players a protected species, you have to get a little dirty to make them pay for it.

7. Crowd. Won't go on about it, but it was a shame they made this game the Simon Dwyer one, surely there was a better game to choose e.g. Roosters or Doggies? Monday night after our recent form, always going to be a disaster.

8. Injury list. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, we've gone through a number of strength coaches and at least two doctors, but injuries strike and we seem to cop them in positions where we have little depth. We have half a million backrowers going around, but our backline is taking a pounding.

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Post by Newtown » Wed 06 Aug, 2014 4:07 pm

I really believe that Sad point number 8 is by far our most serious problem. It is not coincidence at all and our management has to really sort out the problem well before the start of pre-season training.

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