Crowd Sharks trial?

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Crowd Sharks trial?

Post by tig_prmz » Sat 21 Feb, 2015 12:57 pm

GNR4LIFE wrote:Anything over 5k will be a good turnout. Trials are only really for the diehards IMO
Yep we'd be lucky to get 5k

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Post by TrueTiger » Sat 21 Feb, 2015 2:18 pm

GEO,you reckon you got the raw end of the deal...I got the day off,so I played golf early this morning so I could drive to Campbo and watch the trial....everything was good till I get home and the missus says "I forgot to tell you sweetheart I have to go to a baby shower and you have to mind the kids tonight"....

I was gunna go off but thought better of it as its a hell of a long season without Foxtel and she controls when I can get the sports channels back on...... :cry:
You may see me struggle...but you will never see me quit... :D

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