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Re: Live Game Thread #GCTWST

Post by foreveratiger » Sun 15 Mar, 2015 2:00 pm

happy tiger wrote:
foreveratiger wrote:
happy tiger wrote:My understanding would of been that if the ball finished on the line and Woods promoted the ball with his grounded arm /elbow it should of been a double movement

If the ref calls TRY the video ref must disprove it was a try , the ball must never have reached the line according to the video ref
It wasn't a double movement cause we had to play the ball and Titans didn't get a penalty.

In my opinion from that camera angle there is insufficient evidence to over rule the original ref's decision that it was a TRY . I mean the Ref is a couple metres away and his opinion is it's a Try.

What he should of said to the video Ref , I deemed it a Try please check for Double movement.

I was at the game so i have no idea what he was asking to check ? obviously it appears he wanted to check if he was short .
Just admit it , you were too busy taking happy honeymoon shots with UD to be watching the game or listening to the video ref live commentary :lol:
That photo shot was during the Under 20's :lol: .

When 1st Grade is on with the Tigers , FT is in the zone .
Not even Penny from the Big Bang Theory could stop my focus from the game :mrgreen: actually she could :lol:
It depends who you talk to on this Forum, if you are Optimistic? it's because your delusional and need a reality check. If you are Pessimistic? Your accused of being a negative Nancy and to go and follow another Club.

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