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Re: Ticket prices

Post by goldcoast tiger » Mon 16 Mar, 2015 6:48 pm

The common answer to prices on here is become a member or wear it.
That doesn't change the fact that when you ask a lot of people ( not just from our clubs)
The reason why they don't go to the football any more is that to take a family to a game is too expensive, when you take into consideration , transport , food , drinks , tickets it can be a fair amount especially if you want to take your family each week.

The point has been made often that if there is a 40000 stadium about a quarter full,at $30 per seat, that's less money earns than if they could get it half full at $20 and a lot better atmosphere and more adults and kids at the games. Whether we agree that the price is a turnoff or not doesn't matter, some of our games look pathetic with the empty stands everywhere,

We want families, not just individuals to go to these games and if you have a couple of kids in tow you will realise that it is not just the admission that is a ripoff and as most stadiums won't allow drinks and food to be taken in , as the Pirates inside want their exhorbitant share of the loot. It's a ripoff that's makes the game look amateurish at times.

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Post by wtfl1981 » Mon 16 Mar, 2015 9:03 pm

300m line up for GA tix at 7pm

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Post by glebe_tiger » Mon 16 Mar, 2015 9:16 pm

Well if they want people through the gates on Monday night games there should be special discounted prices just for those games. Besides an easter Monday game they will never sell out on a Monday night. And a possible 7.30 start would help a little more.

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