Tigers V Raiders live game thread - *Spoilers*

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Re: Tigers V Raiders live game thread - *Spoilers*

Post by Bob Sacamano » Sun 19 Apr, 2015 5:16 pm

Newtown wrote:
Bob Sacamano wrote:
Newtown wrote:
Black'n'White wrote:The only positive after every loss is getting a laugh at the moronic vitriol spewed by alot of you clowns after wards.

Thanks, needed a good laugh after watching that.
Keep tuned and laughing. You will get a lot more laughs every week this year as we stick with;

1. Lawrence because we he won't be dropped no matter how many young ones in the club are much more deserving of a first grade spot.
2. Stick with the fabled fairytale halve pairing of Brooks and Moses again when there are more deserving players for their spots.
Agree about Lawrence but who are the players more deserving than Brooks and Moses? Those guys are young and learning and need more time to develop.
If these guys need time to learn and develop we better get used the first grade side losing every week. Drinkwater and Heleta would make a very capable halves combination. They have speed and at this stage have much physiques for the grind of week in week out first grade football.
Let's see where we are at mid season before making such a drastic change

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