New Stucture

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New Stucture

Post by Snake » Fri 08 May, 2015 9:54 pm

Well if this is the new structure JT better go back to the drawing board, regardless of the opponents you are playing at least you would be playing with some attacking structure . Tonight's attaking structure or lack of is baffling ,you do not have to be a great coach to instruct your players 5 hit ups by the forwards then kick,you have a huge amount of attacking talent and you deliberately instruct them to catch and pass to a forward. The fact that a lot of points were put on the team does not particular worry me as these things happen what worries me is the coaches structures or lack of them , I hope JT has a bit more to offer than he has shown so far!

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Post by stevetiger » Fri 08 May, 2015 9:57 pm

Taylor despite the love on here has said a lot of stupid stuff.

I don't think he is terrible but he definitely isn't the messiah. Then again I don't expect any coach to lead the team to victory.

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Post by Regan » Sat 09 May, 2015 12:17 am

I like JT but you can not grind East out of a game you have to attack change things up its very easy to defend when you play the tigers they do the same thing over and over we don't have to go back to Sheens style of attack but we have to start to ask a few questions to break down the teams with better defense there is no trust to play what's in front of you the effort tonight was there just no skill with the ball in hand

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Post by tigertye » Sat 09 May, 2015 1:22 am

The forwards need to lay the platform for the backs. The pack got belted tonight and it showed in the backs. We were never going to win that game.

After tonight I think it shows that we desperately need a few real intimidators in our pack. Taupau is the only real scary dude there.

We need a few guys who people don't want to run at. We also need some guys who can create second phase, our offloads are few and far between and we are too one out trying to just get upfield for a kick.

The halves were poor and threw some really crappy passes tonight. I would like to see them roam more and switch sides throughout the game and link up to just keep the opposition guessing. Lovett, Moses, Hoeter worry me. Lovett is ok, but I'm not convinced he's a starting back rower that's ready for the NRL. The Roosters exploited that edge tonight and they got schooled.

This is why a Beau Scott, Trent Merrin or Shaun Fensom would've been handy. An experienced protector. Do we have to call Gibbs up?

It's pretty clear really. This young side is going to have more downs than ups, we might scrape into the 8. They'll be a threat in a few years, but JT needs to get some decent experienced players into this side in meantime to get the mix right and let the halves roam and learn their trade.

Contracts don't mean jack these days, JT needs to get some players in asap or we'll face years of waiting for potential to be reached and kids with knocked confidence and up and down weeks - Benji ring a bell?

We need to score some decent players even if it means playing hard ball to get players out of contracts, every other club seems to do it.

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