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Re: Two points

Post by 69-05-41 » Mon 18 May, 2015 9:24 pm

fairdinkum wrote: *Apparently its now ok to choke slam a player to the ground, ala Grubby Gidley on Moses. Everyone just happened to miss that one. They even replayed it, the commentators said nothing. Just left us dumbfounded in my lounge room.
Gidley has been charged with a Grade 1 for the "non-reportable" tackle on Lawrence, but nobody noticed Gidley throttling Moses and slamming his head into the ground after he had offloaded. The touchy was standing right there, but he obviously didn't see it either!

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Post by diedpretty » Mon 18 May, 2015 9:44 pm

If ever anyone wanted proof that rugby league games are fixed they need look no further than that game - I have never seen so many obvious bad decisions favouring one side at crucial times and in crucial field position. Will the NRL look hard at this game - of course not. And then they wonder why fans are becoming disgruntled with the game.

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