The second wave

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The second wave

Post by beachtiger » Sat 13 Jun, 2015 11:48 am

How good was it last night when our bench came on and we didn't skip a beat in our go-forward, such an awesome change from normal.

Reminded me a little of the start of last season with the "bash brothers" on the bench, taupau/gavet/sue/ava, until injury hit and we lost that bench impact. Last nights second wave of pigs was awesome.

Am I right in saying that the interchange players actually started the second half with Keith , Marty and Sue coming on to finish, not that it made much difference because we were dominant.

Also wanted to give special mention to Ava, cracking game from him and probably the best I've seen, not to mention massive minutes.

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Post by Tigerdon » Sun 14 Jun, 2015 11:27 am

For most of the year when Kieth, Taupau and Woods have come off we have really struggled .
Although we started strong against Souths I was thinking as the starting players started to rotate we would lose our momentum. Our bench proved me wrong . We do have some big boys in our pack. Don't know how JT got them so focused. Hope they can reproduce it again.
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Post by TrueTiger » Sun 14 Jun, 2015 11:33 am

The really impressive thing for me is how strong Ava and Sue have become in their ball carrying and hard running,very solid in defense as well...I hope they keep getting stronger...well done to JT for getting the best out of them as well..
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Post by Mccarry » Sun 14 Jun, 2015 11:51 am

Did anyone see the shot of the dressing room when Sue had his shirt off?

He would not be out of place in a body building competition. Huge and cut.

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Post by formerguest » Sun 14 Jun, 2015 12:24 pm

My take on it was that the starting middle got well on top and early at that, whilst the "second wave" held their own, though giving a little away in defence until about the fiftieth minute mark when Souths got on top and started to make big metres.

Keefy was first back on for a tiring Lodge and did his best to stem the flow. When joined by his fellow middle starters, we regained the ascendency and then put them to the sword for the rest of the match.

Yet to watch a full replay and had already started singing Glory, Glory to the Tigers, ............., The Tigers Marching On, in the stands by late in the match, but did Sue finish off on the right in place of Lovett again?

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