If we beat warriors Taylor is a genius

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Re: If we beat warriors Taylor is a genius

Post by Tigermama » Mon 07 Mar, 2016 11:30 pm

happy tiger wrote:
Tigermama wrote:
hobbo2803 wrote:
Tigermama wrote::wahoo: We WON.....Yeah baby! :D
I travelled to Sydney with my besties for the Mardi Gras weekend, so only got to watch the game this afternoon. Well done to the team and all the coaching stuff. Especially our attacking coach Craig Sandercock.
How did happy go ??
Did he get car sick again :lol:
No, he bailed out. Said Mrs Happy wouldn't let him! :lol:
Thanks for trying to cover for me TM

Didn't you see me and Langers on the NRL float comparing our multiple chins

But don't worry , we saw you Hobbo and have the pics to prove it :twisted:

No worries Happy Lol. ;) The boys on the float ( Mario Fenech, Wendell Sailor, Nigel Vagana, Paul Langmack) looked happy and were having a ball! :D
Well done to everyone involved especially Paul Langmack, the force behind it all.
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Post by Geo. » Mon 07 Mar, 2016 11:35 pm

Taylor may not be a genius but reading the last half dozen posts he's in good company..

Prep for RD 2 Jason started Saturday...good luck with it...
Wests Tigers don't need a Coach.. The playing group has taken over..
happy tiger wrote:
Thu 25 Oct, 2018 12:17 am
OK I was wrong
happy tiger wrote:
Thu 22 Nov, 2018 12:13 am
I know at times I'm not always the brightest light in the kitchen

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