Could This Be Different?

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Re: Could This Be Different?

Post by stevied » Sun 20 Mar, 2016 10:05 am

Nope, not any different yet....I merely posed a question and it's a long way from being answered yet.....

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Post by MacDougall » Sun 20 Mar, 2016 11:39 am

innsaneink wrote:
MacDougall wrote:
innsaneink wrote:
MacDougall wrote:Nope. We will put 50 on them.
Hope youre right.....youre a bit excited right now eh?
Hell yes I am.

The Titans are the perfect team for us to face next week. They are not good, they have a poor record against us, it is a game we should win. We have a very good recent record in QLD. The team needs to prove they are the real deal and win these games. If we put away the Titans well next week, we're the real deal.

No real deal

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