If Only We Had a Fifita or Gallen or Both!

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Re: If Only We Had a Fifita or Gallen or Both!

Post by doublesonthemain » Sun 03 Apr, 2016 3:49 pm

Russell wrote:One of the great days in Wests Tigers history - when Fifita went.
He is great when it is going his way and a milksop when it isn't. Someone just needs to put one on him early and he goes to water. Gives away a million penalties as well.

Taupau was just a mercenary - came to us for more money and a shot and then knocked back a good offer from us to go to Manly for more money. Can't play anything like 80 minutes.

So two guys that like to run at small men and won't be missed by me.
I don't miss him either but he is a player who can do something others can't. I've no doubt he has an ego and he likes the pushing rubbish. He's a niggler and a bit of a dope but that is obvious to any follower of the game. That run after the kick-off was impressive though.

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Post by Black'n'White » Sun 03 Apr, 2016 4:24 pm

For sections of that game we dominated them.

We dont need their playing ability, we have alot of ability, more than most give us credit for. What we lack is the mentality, and to be honest, its probably not the mentality because we have that for at least half of the game.... I think its the maturity to be able to harness it for the full 80 thats the problem.

We are so close, yet so far...

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