Untapped and undeveloped...

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Re: Untapped and undeveloped...

Post by Telltails » Mon 23 May, 2016 7:13 am

Money may not always produce the results but it is definitely necessary in rectifying them Without it even if you find some level of success you have got no hope of maintaining it.

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Post by Chadman's Ghost » Mon 23 May, 2016 8:19 am

I agree that there is getting to be a consistant rift between the top 5-6 clubs & the bottom 4 or so clubs.

While the salary cap should make some difference to that over time- spreading the player talent- it's not an exact science & development of the junior bases & teams is probably one area that some clubs will always have an advantage over if they are financially flush.

It's a hard situation to manage, as money always talks in whatever field you are in.

One potential solution would be a free agent draft. The players will likely never buy into it the way things are now, but if all free agent players went into a draft to be spread around the NRL, I believe the competition would become much less biased. It might also promote player retention & junior development- as players might be more reluctant to move on for 'a few dollars more' at the risk of getting drafted by, say in this case, Newcastle instead of the Roosters.

It will probably never happen, but I think the idea would certainly even the competition out.

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