Where is the Brooks thread?

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Re: Where is the Brooks thread?

Post by Tigerdon » Sun 29 May, 2016 9:58 pm

Nelson wrote:
Tigerdon wrote:
maxxy86 wrote:What has really helped brooks out is our ball playing lock.....really been a team changer since his arrival. Sironen probably should have been at lock as he did in one game if I recall and played quite well.
Anyway ET is probably the best ball playing lock since Brad Fittler
That's a big call. However I can't really think of anyone to prove you wrong. Filter retired in 2004. Obviously there has been has great locks over the last 12 years but not many Ball Playing locks. Fulton for us was a ball player and great cover defender. Greg Bird I guess is a ball player , Corey Parker offloader.
At his best Glenn Stewart was good in that role.
Yeah he was. When playing that role he gave Manly so many attacking options. In that GF they won 40-0 he was on unstoppable. Even doing little attacking kicks defined the defensive line. Hope ET turns us around like that.
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Post by WestsSupporter » Mon 30 May, 2016 1:21 am

too right tigerdon and nelson.

Glenn Stewart was a great ball player in his time.
Problem was he never had an amazing work rate when it came to tackles and hit ups.
So I'd say he had only 1/3 basis covered.

ET has the potential to top that.
He'll cover 2/3 areas, that being ball playing and defensive work rate.
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