We'll win it for brave Oscar: Nathan Hindmarsh

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Re: We'll win it for brave Oscar: Nathan Hindmarsh

Post by Suzie-Q » Sat 27 Mar, 2010 2:53 pm

NJLM78 wrote:
Geo. wrote:Well done Wests Tigers supporters...and the 2 bays of Parra fans...

The minutes silence for Oscar was outstanding....not a pin drop,,,,
Everytime I have been at a game where a minute silence was taken someone always needs to yell out or blow a horn. Well done to everyone there tonight. Im sure that the respect everyone showed would have helped the family in some very small way.
It was the best minute's silence I have ever been part of ... no yahoos being disrespectful. Interesting about the online silence too, MacDougall - a nice touch :)
RIP little fella. I was listenign to the Grill Team on the way home, and for all that Mark Geyer is a big dope, he was completely heartbroken and couldn't even talk about the little boy. :(

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