This weeks battle

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Re: This weeks battle

Post by Tigerdon » Fri 10 Jun, 2016 11:00 pm

Had to work late, so I missed the first 20 mins...but was glad when I saw we were up. Tried to check the forum but it was going slow, so I haven't seen other posters comments (apologies if I'm repeating other forumers points. imo they are obvious points, but others may disagree ).
1. We played at speed, Souths couldn't handle it, tried to slow us down and suffered repeated penalties. We dominated the forward battle and the halves capitalised.
2. Teddy, from anywhere on the field has amazing footwork and gets us going forward as much as a rep forward can, in heavy traffic.
3. Ado Carr didn't seem to play with as much passion as the rest of our team..maybe I'm being unfair as I know he going.
4. South never got chance to test our RHS defence. Other sides will in coming weeks.
5. Once again Nathon Brown looked like Souths best player.
6. It was priceless when Robert Farah scored and the cameraman captured JT looking annoyed.
7. Well down WTs,played with heart and got the job done.
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