Must win?

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Re: Must win?

Post by happy tiger » Tue 28 Jun, 2016 11:23 pm

Eddie wrote:I hope there is more energy in the sheds at 5.30pm Saturday then in here!!

Seems even the fans have got used to being mediocre and accept it.

Some of Sheens sides went on late season charges (anywhere between 4-8 wins in a row)

I dont think that is very likely but there is somethere to think this team could click. There is the same young talent there.

They have to believe they can, and they have to want to do it. Im sick of excuses.

This team is not full of 5 game mugs like Newcastle, we need to start winning more.
Cmon Eddie they will be gripped with Federal Election fever , how will they be able to focus with not knowing who will be our PM after that day

I won't be surprised to see some late changes due to not wanting to miss out on the coverage

Surely Mark Latham rant will be worth the cover charge alone

Hang on Lathami = Mark Latham , makes sense :idea:

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