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Milky wrote:
VonMiller58 wrote:
Milky wrote:
GNR4LIFE wrote:If TT is to be believed, we can't keep both the 6 and 7, one will most likely have to go. If that's the case, Brooks has to be sacrificed. Moses not only has to be retained, he should be groomed as the future captain of this club. He's a leader. Brooks, while he might be a very good player, his personality will probably hold him back him a bit. Moses on the other hand is tenacious, a real competitor. I loved how he took the line on last night, and his decision making in defence the last 2 weeks has been flawless.

In 2018, if Liddle comes on as a player, we can get away with a 7 who is there to be a foil for the rest of the spine. One who can provide a good kicking game and can be an organizer, giving Moses and co a blank canvas to paint on. A Jeff Robson type. Nothing flash, but effective.
We can keep whoever we want, we have around 800k worth of players contracted past next year.

TT doesn't have a high strike rate and it doesn't take a genius to figure that we will be in a good position (cap wise) next year.

Farah is off contract, 900k
Moses and Brooks, 1.2M
Tedesco, 500k
Lawrence on a reduced 300k
Woods off contract, 700-800k but will be demanding similar money
Nofa is on decent coin

Say Moses gets topped up on current form to 800k, As does Tedesco. Brooks will get slightly less than the two.

I think Im cooling on Brooks a little bit.That money could be better spent on a Taumalolo type.With our current props and an ET and a Taumalolo type in the backrow a spine of teddy, Moses and Liddle plus a journeyman experienced half with a kicking game would more than suffice.To threaten for the premiership we need more mongrel in the forwards.
Aloai is really kicking on, as is Sue. Marsters is coming along nicely. I think these three are the future of our backrow and a Taumalolo type backrower isn't really required. Our pack is looking nice for the years to come.

8. Woods
9. Liddle
10. Sue
11. Aloai
12. Marsters
13. Taylor

14. Ava
15. Paseka

16 & 17 TBA
I too have high hopes for Marsters, and Aloiai has shown the last 2 weeks he is progressing well, what about Sirro and Rowdy Milky they will be still on contract, maybe a strike centre and winger would be good.
Go hard or go home

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