**Live game thread** Us vs the Panthers

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Re: **Live game thread** Us vs the Panthers

Post by goldcoast tiger » Sat 20 Aug, 2016 2:36 pm

Russell wrote:
Tiger on the hill wrote:So far it's a case of Moses can't play if Farrah is on the park and now it appears from some comments he can't play with Brooks on the field. Who else should we pick or not pick so he can play ? Be careful what you wish for. Creating another monster ?
Has Moses said that he can't play with his good friend of many years. They have not had any problems all through the lower grades.
Maybe this fairy story just fits your agenda. Let's just make it up eh!

I wouldn't be judging halves performance on last nights game. The forwards were totally dominated - no line speed, no aggression etc. We were very lucky they played as well as they did. He played like a champion - what did you want him to do - beat Penriff by himself?
Brooks best has been without Moses and the reverse seems to be fairly accurate as well. Considering the number of first grade games you would think that they would be able to play a lot better together. Maybe they are trying to compete with each other, I'm not sure, but this subject came up earlier in the season , and, I think, late last year

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