WESTS Tigers Team V Canberra....

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Re: WESTS Tigers Team V Canberra....

Post by Eddie » Sun 04 Sep, 2016 10:53 pm

Penrith has a young side as well.

I think that is a bit of a cop out.

Im not arguing we did not handle it, however I would not just put it down to nerves.

Byron Bay Fan
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Post by Byron Bay Fan » Sun 04 Sep, 2016 10:59 pm

I think there was too much hype and responsibility put on Moses young shoulders with Brooks not taking his share. That's why Robbie was still needed. The new captain does not take it.
Malcolm Knox: What has happened this week is a pity for the Tigers, a pity for Jason Taylor and a pity for Robbie Farah, who had achieved more than the Big Four put together but was somehow turned into collateral damage. (SMH 25-26 March, 2017)

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