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Re: Connelly Lemuelu

Post by happy tiger » Mon 13 Feb, 2017 12:42 am

sheer64 wrote:
Russell wrote:
Tiga4Life wrote:He's been named to play in the trial and hasn't played any under 20's could it be a sign that we are willing to let Moses go?, He can go five Eight but also Fullback
Wouldn't think they have given up at all, possibly the furthest thing from the truth - It is imperative that Moses be signed to a long contract.

Why would you let him go and consider Connelly Lemuelu as a replacement .....

That would take us back to square one again!!!!!

We do not have anyone (talentwise) capable of taking Moses place (not even close) - I would think there will be no one we could buy that has as much talent as Moses either.

Brooks maybe, switch Moses to his natural position of half and move on from there.

I really do not think we will have a problem keeping everyone we want.
Provided noone else wants them I agree 100%.
Tell me one club of the 16 that wouldn't take Moses or Tedesco

The NRL clubs will be lined out the door of Concord with a contract ready if they think they even have a bolters chance

Balmain Boy
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Post by Balmain Boy » Mon 13 Feb, 2017 9:30 am

A lot of fans of other clubs actually don't rate Moses. Yet. And in a way they're probably right. He had a good back end to the season but hasn't yet proven he's an NRL playmaker at a consistently high level across an entire season yet.

Connelly is still young but i'd be looking to tie him up for a few more years asap. Problem is if Brooks, Moses and teddy all re-sign will he see a future for himself at the club? Will he be happy to play centre?

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