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Re: stay on your wing

Post by Boonboon2 » Sat 04 Mar, 2017 12:12 pm

I've been watching on replay this morning with some pausing and checking our defence have reivew the tries

1st try - if he doesen't take the centre the centre scores. Tedesco covering should have taken the winger when he got their but in reality it was just a good early play executed well

2nd try - other side of the field but issue was Teddy packed in the scrum and team assumed Inglis couldn't run at all

3rd try - Teddy knocked on in goal leading the bunnies ball. The issues in the play were that Moses took no one but should have gone out although the cover was poor inside which was a risk and then Chee-Kam had come in too far leaving Nofa with a 2 on 1 situation which he did the best he could. If he took the inside man then its the same result, if takes the outside man they have scored before the cover comes so he tried to hold off as long as possible and pressure the pass whihc was right decision. Kevvie was on the other side by this time as Suli went off

4th try - Chee Kam made the previous tackle so was out of the line. Sue got palmed off by Sutton, Moses went for a stupid intercept instead of the tackle - Nofa was the cover defender not in the line and he made a valiant effort to get back

So while that side has some defensive issues they didn't seem to have much to do with Nofa last night

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