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Re: Naiqama

Post by 69-05-41 » Tue 21 Mar, 2017 9:24 pm

Worst defensive centre I have seen. Admittedly many problems start inside him but he inadvertently compounds them leaving Nofo defending four or five man overlaps. Don't care what he does in attack when he is giving away a couple of tries every week.
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Post by southerntiger » Tue 21 Mar, 2017 9:27 pm

Ive never been a huge Kevvy N fan but I have to say trying to blame him for all our right edge defensive woes over the past 2 years is embarrassing. Nofa and Moses are just as much to blame.

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Post by Pawsandclaws » Tue 21 Mar, 2017 9:29 pm

Sabre wrote:
Sun 19 Mar, 2017 8:26 pm
Tedesco, Nofa, MCK, Idris and Suli please.
Throw Heleta in if need be, as long as Naiqama isn't there.
We have picked up a young centre by the name of Garner who is playing ISP. I recall watching him play NYC for Manly and was impressed. He moved to the Roosters but obviously they have a few good centres at Bondi. At around six feet two and mid nineties in kgs he could be a good prospect for us.

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Post by 1/4 chicken,chips » Tue 21 Mar, 2017 10:00 pm

I'd sign the young centre at the sharks 20 s ..Bessie tomaga ...he is 95 kilos .a good finisher ..a great goal kicker and would come at a good price

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