3 key moments!

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Re: 3 key moments!

Post by ron burgandy » Mon 22 Mar, 2010 7:01 pm

if thats all that causes the boys to fold like they did yesterday then we are in for a long season.

ill put it down to us only having 30% of the ball from the 18th minute to the 60th minute and the heat
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Post by Year of the Tiger » Mon 22 Mar, 2010 7:37 pm

fainty wrote:These are the 3 key moments that I believe changed momentum today, and therefore could have been why we lost.
-farahs penatly kick for touch that didn't go out
-cayless' very lazy flop
-moltzen drop off pass to heighnington
all very very lazy, when we were up 12 nil.
1. Gibbs, Fulton and Ryan not starting (and Fitz, Flanagan and moors running out)
2. Farah not turning up, at all, again
3. Carney and pearce turning up and doing exactly what they wanted all game
Not really key moments but key reasons
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