Defensive Hookers

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Re: Defensive Hookers

Post by southerntiger » Sun 09 Apr, 2017 12:54 pm

He has been just what we needed. An uncomplicated hooker who just lets the ball sing.

Watched the Bunnies game on Friday and seeing the number of passes 3 metres above Reynolds head I was happier than ever about our decisions in the last 2 years re hooker.
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Tiger Tim
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Post by Tiger Tim » Sun 09 Apr, 2017 2:13 pm

I really like what he is doing and have to put my hand up and say i thought he was destined for a year in ISP. He came to my sons school with Brooks and a couple of others in the pre-season and made a big impression with the kids. Now that he is starting I can see him in the 17 for quite a while.He is a tough bugger and i wouldn't be bothered having him playing lock and Liddle at hooker if any of the forwards need a rest. He certainly uses his shoulders to tackle which is a pleasant change.

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Mcilwrick is owning his spot
I can't believe how much better McIlwrick is than his reputation suggested.

He had great reputation before he got here nothing wrong being stuck behind Ennis last year or before that Jake Friend from east and before that Glen Buttriss was a good hooker as well... Matt was state cup hooker of the year last year he is a good player just had a few great players in front of him
I am aware of who he was behind at former clubs, honestly though not a great reputation. Great reputation means general footy supporters know who he is and are excited about him coming to the club. I think it's fair to say most forum readers, who are generally keen students of the game, didn't know much about MMc's game except he'd been around a while and never quite made it. And being signed as a Farah replacement, there was even more scrutiny on what type of footballer he was.

Of course not to take away, he's been behind some quality hookers as you note, but this is his 6th season since debut - he's played at least 2 FG games every year since 2012, but never more than 8 games total (i.e. if he plays 3 more matches for us this season and it's his best ever year).

He's only started 13 times of the 29 games before coming to Tigers and only scored 1 previous try.

And beyond all that, I'm not doubting he's had a good career in ISP with some first-grade time, but he looks to me to be a legitimate full-time FG player. Not just passable, not just gap-filling for Ballin like JLJ, actually the best form hooker we have at the club and for me as good so far as anything Farah's done this year or last year. Different styles of course, but I just love seeing a hooker who can deck the opposition rather than just holding onto the footy and hoping. Robbie's getting on, not quite the fleet foot, MMc has made some really judicious runs this year and doesn't waste his time constantly trying to pull ruck penalties. MMc doesn't kick but I can hardly find fault with his first 6 games for us, really way above anything I expected of him.

But what I like most about him is what the Roosters coach said when he was leaving to go to Cronulla
He said that Matt is a very good club man and trains hard and all the players like him also Ennis said something along those lines as well

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