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Bulldogs Team and analysis

Posted: Tue 18 Apr, 2017 8:37 pm
by Seantice
NRL Round 8: Bulldogs v Tigers - ANZ Stadium Sunday, April 23rd 4pm

1 Brett Morris
2 Kerrod Holland
3 Josh Morris
4 Brenko Lee
5 Marcelo Montoya
6 Josh Reynolds
7 Moses Mbye
8 Aiden Tolman
9 Michael Lichaa
10 James Graham
11 Josh Jackson
12 Greg Eastwood
13 David Klemmer
14 Sam Kasiano
15 Danny Fualalo
16 Adam Elliott
17 Raymond Faitala-Mariner
19 Francis Tualau
20 Matt Frawley
21 Renouf To’omaga
23 Reimis Smith

COACH Des Hasler

Des playing his games once more and not putting Frawley in the 17. A blind monkey could see it coming.


Obviously there attack has been rudderless until frawley started playing. If des stays true hel move him on about 20-30minute of the game. Stupid move because we always start very fast ie 14-0 cowboys. Hopefully we can put some points on before frawleys kicking game cones into play.

Looking forward to Tedesco sniffing around the ruck with these forwards. Klemmar, eastwood and Kasiano are slow as which will give moses and teddy free rein. Id look attacking lee and montoyas side early in the set try them out abit. Best bet though is through the middle with Quick play the balls targeting klemmar and eastwood. Get these on the backfoot and points will come.

They will test our edges obviously with ghraham going out the back to reynolds looking for outside runners. I honestly dont fear this backline compared to th e eels though. There solid, but nothing we cant handle.

Our kicking game has to improve tenfold. Mosrs and brooks/Lj kicks needs to land in space. Target early kicks to turn them around especially when kasiano comes on.


Tight game. If our fitness levels were like broncos for example id say we would get an upset. There side doesnt impress me much honestly. Reynolds enthusiasm is great though, but i think there wins are overshadowing some defficiancies.
We need to score early and go hard before frawley comes on, not because he is great, but because others including reynolds play there own game and lift another level. My heart says we can win by a bit. My head says we will lead to the 50-60 minute and get run down again due to our poor kicking, fitness levels and lack of faith in each other defensively.

Tip: Dogs 28 Tigers 18

Re: Bulldogs Team and analysis

Posted: Wed 19 Apr, 2017 1:07 am
by maxxy86
I can honestly see B Morris scoring 3 or 4 and running 250m....will be like he has spiders on him. I don't rate the dogs but can see them getting to 26 points before us.

Re: Bulldogs Team and analysis

Posted: Fri 21 Apr, 2017 9:12 am
by Trisdar
It could be a massacre. Hope I'm wrong.
Tigers in a close one woods knocked out cold from a hit by graham

Re: Bulldogs Team and analysis

Posted: Sat 22 Apr, 2017 12:09 pm
by tig_prmz
their backline is actually quite slow for once but their forwards are gonna be all over us. reynolds and mbye have a point to prove and when frawley comes on, he'll give them some stability

i think we need to start fast again, and then buckle up in defense. we are a good enough, the biggest issue is that these guys don't know how to work as a team

Re: Bulldogs Team and analysis

Posted: Sat 22 Apr, 2017 12:13 pm
by Harvey
I can see us winning this game. A good captain would pull the side together and explain that the speculation is now over, and is time to pull together and make the last season together count.

Unfortunately we have Woods so will probably lose by 20.

Re: Bulldogs Team and analysis

Posted: Sat 22 Apr, 2017 12:18 pm
by Seantice
Isnt good talking about the actual game then rumors and speculation? love it..

Attack there slow forwards is th e waay to go..

Re: Bulldogs Team and analysis

Posted: Sat 22 Apr, 2017 12:24 pm
by Harvey
Woods will dominate the entire Canterbury pack to show why he deserves to be the highest paid forward in their roster next year.

He will then do a lap of honour on a flying unicorn, while the wests tigers fans bow down before him to acknowledge the success he has brought to the club.

Re: Bulldogs Team and analysis

Posted: Sat 22 Apr, 2017 1:54 pm
by Chicken Faced Killa
Hold on for the first twenty then run riot on their big men up the middle. They haven't been playing that well and we can beat them. Just need to play for longer then 60 minutes