Brooks Ruled out

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Re: Brooks Ruled out

Post by kh_canada » Fri 25 Aug, 2017 6:38 pm

They're sitting at $2.40 now, I definitely think it's worth putting a bet on! Cowboys leave a lot to be desired on the park tonight as well. I reckon we'll play a good game tonight without Brooks. I'm hoping JLJ has a fantastic game and Tui steps up a little bit
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Post by TrueTiger » Mon 28 Aug, 2017 2:28 pm

Geo. wrote:
Fri 25 Aug, 2017 12:09 pm
TrueTiger wrote:
Fri 25 Aug, 2017 7:56 am
Actually people tonights game could be a real test of how resilient this team is and we will see how well we can improvise without wonder "overhyped" boy Brooks in the side...If JLJ gets to start in the halves,I hope he has a good game and Tui leads the team around the park...many don't rate JLJ,but while Ivan selects him then he gets my full support as part of this team going forwards....the last month has made me even more supportive of coach Cleary,he has instilled confidence and faith into a team of basically fringe first graders who are playing well as a unit...
I often wonder who 'overhyped' Brooks..certainly not the player himself..or previous Coaches..In fact Ivan came out recently and stated that the labelling of Brooks as with any young player is unfair...
I do agree with what you have said regarding Brooks that Clearly stated,however if you go back to when Brooks entered the NRL squad as halfback with Moses,the club did say that they were brilliant and would be our future.... That would be where the overhype would have come from...Moses showed us his cards and at least Brooks stayed and has been improving slowly without setting the world on fire regarding playing a leading playmakers role...hopefully next year he has a booming year for us.....
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