Worst performance this season

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Re: Worst performance this season

Post by supercoach » Sun 22 Apr, 2018 12:47 pm

We lost our no9, we lost Taylor, we already had Reynolds,Lawrence and Packer on the side lines and we played a team that was super high on intensity. Bottom line they were a lot better than 2 points in front of us.

I only hope Pascoe and the board sit down and have a big re think on taking home games away from our traditional grounds and what games they take away. Taking Newcastle to Tamworth was giving them a leg up

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Post by larrycorowa » Sun 22 Apr, 2018 1:00 pm

stevied wrote:
Sun 22 Apr, 2018 12:32 pm
larrycorowa wrote:
Sun 22 Apr, 2018 7:49 am
TrueTiger wrote:
Sun 22 Apr, 2018 7:34 am
It was a loss,it happens in NRL,surely we didn't expect to go all year undefeated....the team made mistakes,hopefully they learn from that game and play better next week....we cant keep blaming individuals for losing the game it is a team sport and all have to do better next game....I'm sure they will...
100%....blaming the winger for a loss when the team missing 50+ tackles is missing the point. Like blaming the goalie for a 10-0 loss in soccer. On the plus side if they stick together and learn from our mistakes we will be ok. Souths will lose burgess brothers for 4-6 weeks, Pearce out, Brisbane has no hooker.....we have depth and some of these teams don’t and once they get a few injuries they will really struggle. Penrith are an injury to Maloney away from disaster etc.

It’s a long season stick together and keep working and we will be ok
No one is blaming the winger (Nofo) for the loss LC. We all agree the intensity was down which led to a fall off in our defense. Also, the HIAs didn't help either, causing a lot of disruption to our offensive and defensive structures. Many of us believe Nofo's defensive ability is a liability but we are not looking for a scapegoat or missing the point. There are more than one reason for the loss and more than one player who made defensive mistakes and Ivan will look at the tape to find solutions going forward.
It was our worst defensive performance of the season but it is only one game and we will bounce back.
You started a thread saying that if nofo stayed on his man for any of the three tries we win. Sorry, I must have misunderstood the purpose of this thread.

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Post by innsaneink » Sun 22 Apr, 2018 1:06 pm

jirskyr wrote:
Sun 22 Apr, 2018 11:31 am
I was wondering what people thought about the defensive tactics last night? I noted in the Nofo thread that we seem to be sliding less than we were in the previous rounds?

Certainly last night there was a lot of up-and-in defensive structure, perhaps purposefully against the Knights, but it wasn't working well, particularly because Ponga is dangerous with the ball but can also pass.

But the thing that stood out for me was Sio's second try, the pass is from Fitzgibbon. Maybe he has some real passing skills, but if you have a backrower running a line who decides to shift via cut-out to the winger - maybe that's vision, but I reckon its 90% coaching, i.e. they were instructed pre-game to shift to their LHS like that as often as possible.

I recall a game in 2017 vs Dragons when Widdop did exactly the same thing, run backrowers to suck in the defence then hit the winger. He did it 6 or 7 times in the opening 30 mins and they scored 4 tries, blew us away early.

On a different note, Tigers are second worst team in the comp for missed tackles, behind the Warriors. I am not exactly sure how they are counting missed tackles, i.e. if any effort including line speed counts, because 3 of the worst 5 MT teams are actually in the Top 4 (Tigers, Warriors, Panthers). So clearly MTs are less of concern than overall scramble.

In terms of ineffective tackles, Tigers are not in the top 5 (NRL has bad stats options this year, you can't dig very deep).

And if Penrith concede > 9 points today, Tigers still have the best defence in the comp after 7 rounds.

HOWEVER, one other thing I did pick up is points conceded, but I don't have an answer for this trend:
- Tigers conceded 18 points total in 2 games against Storm, who average 17.60 ppg.
- Tigers conceded 8 pts against Roosters, who average 22 ppg
- Tigers conceded 9 against Broncos, no tries, who average 13.8 ppg.
- Tigers conceded 12 against Manly, who average 26 ppg.

But our "blow-outs" against Knights and Eels were 22 and 20 pts respectively, when the teams average 16.8 and 8.8 ppg resp.

What is it about the Eels and Knights games where we essentially doubled our season average points conceded in those two games? They aren't exactly attacking powerhouses, in fact Eels are abominable in that regard. We have however been very effective against some of the better attacking sides. Just bad games? 2 out of 7 isn't exactly a trend.

I found myself questioning NRL. Coms stats... Some foot loop with no idea last night starting throwing BS around, I usually don't go to stats all that much... But I did last night.
I just wonder how accurate they are this year... Last night's stats really didn't seem to correlate to the game I watched.
Knights seemed to steam roll us through the forwards and kill us but stats say things were even.
There's even a PTB speed stat now (we apparently won this last night, buggered if I know how)

Ineffective tackles compared to missed tackles??? I dunno.

NRL.COM have a problem with virtual reality nrl games using their figures and it's very noticeable their stats aren't as detailed.

Your point on points conceded tho to lower teams isn't vague, it's clear as day. Maybe it's mental... We lost the ruck last night but we didnt against parra.
One was a day game, one was night.
One was a team on the up... The other a team in free-fall.... The beauty and mystery of sport...

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Post by Swordy » Sun 22 Apr, 2018 1:23 pm

We've played 7 and lost only 2 games, both by 2 points, one of which was golden point.

We have the second best defence in the league.

If you asked before the season "would you take this?", I would have said yes before you finished the question.
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Post by Harvey » Sun 22 Apr, 2018 2:06 pm

The defence as a whole was ordinary last night. No line speed, knights made easy metres and had time to isolate edge defenders.

Think some of the selections also had an impact on this. Taylor should have started on the edge returning from injury with Aloiai in the middle. Better still Grant starts in the front row, Aloiai on bench & Eisenhuth at lock.

Sue is not a first grade front rower, let him go at the end of the year.

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