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Re: Attention geniuses

Post by happy tiger » Fri 18 May, 2018 12:09 am

Droppy wrote:
Thu 17 May, 2018 11:51 pm
Did anyone else notice our lack of ability to put panthers on their backs in tackles. They were always on their knees and hence quick play the balls. we couldnt recover by the speed of the play the balls. All our players were nearly always put on their backs in every tackle. there is a lack of detail in our tackling/wrestling technique.
We lost the ruck badly , some of it is a size issue, lot of it was technique issues

The game plan early worked , targeting in behind their markers and slowing there line speed down , but as usual we don't score early , get frustrated , lose patience and we try a low percentage play , pass , kick and lose our grip on the game

Then we throw more dumb plays after the other dumb plays and try and play catch up , put massive pressure on our defence

I think I named it Benji ball .

Thank God our defence is 3000 x's better now

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