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Re: Reynolds

Post by TigersBusDriver » Mon 11 Jun, 2018 11:06 pm

Geo. wrote:
Mon 11 Jun, 2018 1:30 pm
hobbo wrote:
Sun 10 Jun, 2018 8:28 pm
GNR4LIFE wrote:
Sun 10 Jun, 2018 8:26 pm
TigersBusDriver wrote:
Sun 10 Jun, 2018 8:22 pm

I thought it was Brooks who kicked it. I might be wrong who knows
Maybe it was, but I could have sworn it was Reynolds. Great chase too.
Was Reynolds

Holmes got lucky
Think your eyes need to go to spec savers...Brooks kicked it ..Reynolds chased it...
Yeah, just watched the replay. It was Brooks but a great chase by Reynolds nonetheless

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