The Crystal Ball - Controversy? READ ON....

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The Crystal Ball - Controversy? READ ON....

Post by triserratops » Thu 27 May, 2010 12:37 pm

;) Polished? CHECK! Buffed? CHECK! FULL Maintenance Carried out? CHECK!

:D After the stellar performance by the Crystal Ball last round I was keen get my eyes stuck into this weeks prediction!

:o Thursday - Could this possibly be the look on any NSW fan? If it is then seriously....follow Union! :)

:? Thursday Arvo - The confusion in the forum regarding the NEW "Warriors" signing Wade McKinnon heightens with
mixed views on this somewhat timely purchase!!!

8-) Friday Morning - Benji goes out for a latte with his managers and is thinking of becoming an Australian citizen!
So that he can become available to fill the 6 jersey for the Blues before Game 2 in Qld and become the Saviour 3
times over! For WESTS, NZ and Now NSW!

:shock: Friday Arvo - The Warriors side arrive at Campbelltown early so that they can buy their footy doubles in an attempt to atleast feel like they may take something out of the game! :D :D :D

:roll: This will be the look on most fans faces as we finally learn that Fitzy will take the Fullback role from the kick off!

:shock: A weary start from the boys is predicted with the Warriors scoring 2 tries and putting the Tigers under a considerable amount of pressure during the first half........More than likely scores will be level at the half!

:pray: :master: :pray: :master: All tigers fans resume their usual Half-Time positions.

:o With 10 to go the Tigers lead narrowly with less than a converted try in it. The Warriors get a lucky break and charge down the field...................MY HOME PHONE RINGS (I walk away from the Ball) :twisted:

After taking the call - (some telemarketer trying to sell me a NEW mobile deal with JABBI Dabu Do)
I sit back down and the image is almost lost :o :shock: :o

For the 1st time the Ball will not given an outcome! WHO WINS??? :brick: :brick: :brick:

:geek: As I peer into the depths of the ball for one last answer I see.............................
An image of myself with my Wests Tigers Flag waving it around and going bananas. I am lip-syncing the Wests TigerS song!

SOMEHOW.....WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wahoo:
Tigers by 4-10pts

Back to back wins and momentum going into the Doggies clash in Round 13!

Phew that was close! And Tri can go to his Birthday party on Sunday Smiling & Wearing his NEW Tigers Jersey!!!

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Post by NJLM78 » Thu 27 May, 2010 8:10 pm

One of the funniest predictions yet Tri. Well done. I like the halftime position of the WT fans!

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Post by Snowy » Thu 27 May, 2010 8:21 pm

Love it Tri keep em coming!

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Post by KingOvKingz09 » Thu 27 May, 2010 8:42 pm

Happy birthday for sunday TRI.... but for the 1st time im going against the almighty crystal ball :o

I believe we will win by 20+ :mrgreen:

BTW... you had me abit scared when you couldnt read the ball :shock:

:master: :master: :master: :master: :master: CRYSTAL BALL :master: :master: :master: :master:
Im back!! oh its true.... Its damn true!!!

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Post by stryker » Thu 27 May, 2010 10:22 pm

haha your weird.

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