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Re: Clearys subs

Post by mtd » Tue 03 Jul, 2018 6:28 pm

I reckon a few people are being a bit harsh on him.

How do we have that start to the season then flop? I don't think it's clearys fault.. But I don't know whos it is

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Post by old boy » Thu 05 Jul, 2018 10:59 pm

jirskyr wrote:
Mon 02 Jul, 2018 4:55 pm
old boy wrote:
Sun 01 Jul, 2018 5:17 pm
Cleary is a complete fraud. He's been found out now.

The biggest thing that annoys me about current players in the modern era. With all the science, the training techniques, the facilities, the physio. They train all week, full-time professionals getting paid $300k+ they have to perform for 2 x 40 minutes halves every week, 40mins of play and then you get to sit down for 15 mins and yet, some players can only play 20mins and they are gassed. It's pathetic. An 80 minute game. 80 minutes a week, less than an hour and a half of work a week and most front line forwards struggle to play 40mins a game. Terrible conditioning.
You've certainly come out firing since you signed up to the forum.

Though I put it to you - if "most front line forwards struggle to play 40 mins a game", direct quote from yourself, then doesn't it tell you that playing more than 40 mins a game is difficult?

Fair enough if there were lots of forwards at other clubs cashing in 70+ minute games, then you can point fingers. But if most of them need a sub for half a match, then it tell you that... most of them NEED a sub during a match.

Money, training, duration of the work week - there are limits on human endurance, you can't just say "they do less than 2 hours work per week" and point fingers.

The game has breed them to be lazy i guess. They are only playing to the widely accepted game plan across all teams. Play 20mins have 40 off and play the last 20 mins seems to the the way props are coached to play. Even so looking at the stats on Packer and Benny Mat plays 15-20mins less a game than forwards like Graham, Klemmer, Woods, Vaughan, Fifta etc who regularly feature high 50 minute to 60min+ games. So i guess my post shouldve have been more directed at the ineptness of our 2 pillow props. The value is not there in these 2 and they both struggle to play 40 mins in total. Itll be interesting what happens to these types of players in the reduction of the interchange.

At the time i wrote the above I was p'ed off just after the game where yet again Packer was useless and even when he was on the field was hardly seen. Playing less minutes youd think he would just be a lot more dynamic.

"You've certainly come out firing since you signed up to the forum."

I've been on this forum since 2004, ive seen every incarnation of this site. I was one of the original people to use this forum back in the day along with guys like Sincas, Prince EWS, smeg, Kul etc. I havent been actively posting the last few years, just lurking. Opened a new username.
Careers have come and gone and the Tigers are still rebuilding. When 175 games and 7 years isnt enough, we've only been rebuilding since 2012. There's always next year and the year after that and the year after that and the year after that ...........

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