The Bench....

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The Bench....

Post by Geo. » Mon 03 May, 2010 9:34 am

And Sheens use of it in the game...

Fifita...39 mins 2 stints
Flanagan.....40min 2 stints
Brown....0 min,,,0 stints
Waters....16 min...1 stint..

Keith had 3 stints...Payten 2...Gibbs 2....

We also got a free interchange when Heighno went off for a couple of minutes but Sheens put Fulton back on after he had not long been interchanged with Flanagan...

Compare that to how Smith used his bench for this game...

Paea...41 mins 2 stints
Koupiritsas...44 min 1 stint
Guerra....13 mins 1 stint
Battieri 10 mins 1 stint.....

It appers to me that both Coaches used 2 interchange players minimally and run their best combination 15 on the paddack for as long as they can...

Ellis and Heighno played the 80 for us and Myles and Aubusson played the 80 for them.....

This is in no way a defense of Sheens his selections or use of bench and apologies if there is already a topic on it cause I cant see 1....

It is just trying to figure out what the hell Sheens wants from his bench and starting 13....

Any thoughts welcome....
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Post by smeghead » Mon 03 May, 2010 9:37 am

Guerra hurt his back early in the piece thats why he wasn't used and why Myles had to tough out his injury

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