Working over their halves

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Re: Working over their halves

Post by southerntiger » Mon 07 Jun, 2010 6:45 pm

I was not really commenting on his defensive contribution - although he didnt seem to be caught out too often from what I saw (as you rightly say that may be because I am not watching the games at the ground). However, in attack, he was very good. As I said, that is something I hate to admit because I dislike the guy vehemently. Even though he outplayed Farah in attack in this game, I would have Robbie over him anyday of the week.

Ennis reminds me of Darren Senter - a player with limited talent who succeeds because he is ultra-competitive.

I only brought up the Farah miss because everyone else seemed to ignore it. It was a shocking attempt at a tackle.

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