Round 13: Willow's match report

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Re: Willow's match report and player review

Post by westTAHger » Sat 05 Jun, 2010 11:32 am

willow I don't know why your match reviews are not picked up and used in the media, :?: as they give a very sound report of the match and player reviews.

was pleasing to see the team be patient and not overplay their hand in slow conditions. :wahoo:
a few weeks ago, especially after souths gave the team " a massive wake up call", I must admit I was beginning to have some doubt whether wests-tigers would make the top 8. :roll:
there is still along way to go to secure a top 8 finals berth, but very happy for the team, to see how they have responded, to be having the bye next week, and looking forward to their next performance. :sign:
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Post by senexx » Sat 05 Jun, 2010 11:34 am

I frequently disagree with the interpretation of rules sent down by the refs boss (usually because he's wrong or they're reinterpreting something poorly [obstruction])
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Post by everett » Sat 05 Jun, 2010 1:09 pm

Willow always love reading your match reports after every game. I thought Ryan was pretty poor tonight and did not run the ball back with any gusto. McKinnon or Meaney needs to take over the full back spot asap. Ryan back to to the wing. Fitzhenry back to number 17 as Sheens will always have him in the team. Brown and Flannagan (unlikely) to make way for the return of Ashyford and Galloway. Loving the impact from the bench. Dwyer, Fifita and Moors (great game tonight) are improving every week. I hope Sheens does not drop Dwyer or Moors to keep Flannagan in the side (he works hard but too small for a forward)
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Post by fulleightyminutes » Sat 05 Jun, 2010 1:47 pm

Great review. I agree that Marshall and Farah were good without being flashy - definitely a game won for us by the forwards (thanks Todd Payten) and hunger. Dwyer looks great, and I was treated last night to Gus Gould telling me for the fourth time that Tim Sheens thinks he 'could be the next Bradley Clyde'. This time even his fellow commentators did that awkward silence thing told us this last week, dude. I digress. Thanks for the report, appreciated.

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