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Re: Pretenders

Post by shifty » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 1:33 am

the most pathetic game ive ever seen...we didnt deserve to win it, thankful we did...but geez, when are we going to cut silly errors, get our bench right, and not put players outta position? 2012.

Our forwards were dominated, with little relief from the bench...imo, farah n lawrence are our shining lights... benji's a yoyo.

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Balmain Tiger
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Post by Balmain Tiger » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 1:36 am

a holes a hole and a wins a win

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Post by diedpretty » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 1:46 am

Every year people on here whinge that we don't win the close games, can't hang in there, can't win ugly - now when we do these things and sit in 3rd place people whinge because it wasn't pretty or we didn't deserve to win or they had players out - who cares - we are winning.

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Post by stryker » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 1:50 am

Mate the Broncs were very poor in attak tonight as well.

We should not have been in the position we were in, it was self inflicted with poor ball control, ill discipline and a very shoddy attack.

We really should have beaten them quite well.....

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Post by hybrid_tiger » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 2:50 am

Great to win while playing poorly.

However, watching this team play is just deja-vu from the past four seasons. We have learnt ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Same old mistakes, same positional reshuffles everytime someone gets injured, same shifting Benji to halfback, same forwards being dominated.

We have not learnt a thing. Zero, zilch, nada. It's painful.

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Post by Aladinsane » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 6:51 am

I agree with Sheens & Robbie that yesterday's jagged win was a sign of the character of the team, to grind it out again. They know their form is way down, but years gone by , Wests Tigers would have just laid down and lost that game by 20 points.

We are the walking wounded at the moment, and hopefully with a 7 day turnaround , and a "Packed" crowd at Campbelltown will see a much improved effort and another win....a win against the Cowboys, the following week at Leichhardt will see these "pretenders" sitting on 26 pts, with 7 games in hand to the finals, to hopefully get their attack to match their grinding defence....we all know that there is a lot of improvement in our team, and I still believe that the Wests Tigers can make the grand final in this very average competition

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Post by citizen cub » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 7:26 am

Crap game of football, but remember the conditions gave way for a crap game. The rain was quite heavy in the second half, not excusing some of the play-the-ball errors we had.

Once again, general kicking was poor. Mainly because we were down on our 30m line on last tackle. Most were just gobbled up by the fullback and taken up to the 40m line.

We made it extremely hard for ourselves to get into their territory whatsoever. The penalty count wasn't helping us, neither were the backs. Time after time, crap options were being taken, inside passes, dummy half runs deep in our own half. Tuqiri barely saw any ball all night.

The next two games we should win quite comfortably, hopefully by then 11 wins will keep us up in 3rd spot, maybe even higher in 2nd
With Wests in the finals, ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE

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Post by Poppa » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 7:35 am

We were lucky to win as everyone says,but win we did.However our forward pack needs to harden up,they played soft,except for Fulton,thankfully he will get harder as he gets back to fitness,and thankfully he was there last night.I've wondered why some of our forwards couldn't make the NSW SOO side and I seen it last night.I seen one Bronco forward stand in a tackle of 4 WT forwards couldn't be put on the ground and get the ball away,not once but other times as well.Just disappointed fellas rembering how these so called baby Broncos gave us a hiding at Campbelltown,this was our turn to give it to them on their ground.Also the Man of the Match went to the loosing side,so what does that say........Anyway thanks for the win......

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Cheers Poppa

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Post by vlad » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 7:53 am

yes we won ugly but lately most teams do

the overall standard of this comp is very weak compared to previous seasons

have a think about all the really good games you've seen this season ... there won't be many

unlike when we won in 05 when it was an overall good year

we all watch the game because we love it and the results mean something to us

but for pure pleasure of watching good footy 2010 is fairly dire .

(still beats watching afl though ...)

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Post by westTAHger » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 8:02 am

the team won.
it was a ugly win, but you get the two points regardless. :D
so its one step closer to a finals berth
yes there is alot of room for improvement.
at worst the team can grind out a win in wet weather footy, something that has been missing in previous seasons
Basil, our rescue dog, is wondering when wests tigers will win 25 - 18 :D

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Post by fainty » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 8:11 am

This is a game that we would usually lose. It's great to see us winning the close grinding games. Does anyone know the official stats from the game? Possesion? Feild position? Completion rate? I know the penalty count was 6-2 I think. I'm sure all the stats would be against us, and to come away with a win is Great.

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Post by innsaneink » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 9:28 am

Cat&Fiddle wrote:
innsaneink wrote:
Cat&Fiddle wrote:

I think the keyboard warriors that bag the team have only only played rugby league on their Wii. ;)
LOL....dont need to have played to comment - to voice an opinion, that really is an ignorant & dumb comment.
I take it you vote. I do. Do we need experience in politics to do so?
But yes, I have played a little
Ah ha - as I thought.
A little experience equals a lot of opinion all at the expense of the coach and team. It's amazing how a "little experience' at let me guess, primary school rugby leauge knock-out comps where you played reserve and never ran on, founds one's ability to bag NRL coaches and players.
Yeah, don't let your ability or experience get in the way of your mouth.
You got my footy experience remarkably close...thats about all youre close on.
However the only requiremnet to comment on the team and the coach is to follow the rules set down on this board.

Youre a fool if you think people paid to perform in the public arena are exempt from criticism because you have some emotinal attachment

Shame on those giving it to Rudd, Gillard, the English soccer team, the Aussie socer team, the soccer refs, whitney houston, the NSW govt

When all youve got left is a personal dig at me....then that says you got nothin.

So- do you vote, I hope you have political experience, Im sure you will now just for the sake of this

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Post by tiga4eva » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 9:57 am

The 1st penalty we got was a mandatory one coz they kicked out on the full from the kick-off. We didnt get another one til the 68th min. There was also a knock-on 1m from a touchie the tackle before Beale's try. Our handling was abysmal but i think that was coz of all the positional changes. 5 more ugly wins from our last 9 games gives us a home final guys....WHEN HAS A WIN EVER BEEN BAD?.

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Post by magpiecol » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 10:12 am

They did not attack very well, but the defence was terrific. I think that some of the forwards were short of a run as well. Gallaway just back, Fifita, just back (and it showed) Farah carrying an injury and will not play next week, Ellis injured during the game and had to come off when heaps of time to go. So, sure, their attack was disjointed, (no half back, new 5/8 and centre and new fullback) so let's not be to harsh.

Once again I must say (and have been saying for years) we do not need another forward (although Blair would be handy) but a genuine halfback. No halfback, no title.

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Post by seadoggy » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 10:26 am

your right, I am afraid we have gone nowhere, that effort was atrocious, I don't care how we got the two points it was the attitude or lack of it that was the worry, we are in for one almighty belting if we can't gender some enthusiasm in attack, at least our scrambling defence kept us in the game.

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Post by Chris » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 11:28 am

I have to agree with you in some sense Ink and also disagree. Yes, it wasn't our greatest performance and we're not playing the brand of football that will take us deep into the comp at this stage. The thing is though mate, playing great footy now wont win us the comp. How many times in previous years did we look like world beaters and get beat at the death and only to miss out on the finals by 2 points? I'd rather we get ourselves into the semis, get our full squad back bar Moltzen and Tuiaki then see how we fare. At this stage I just want us to get there and if we're in the semis to just make up the numbers I'd rather we have an early exit.

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Post by AmericanHistoryX » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 11:34 am

god help us - thats all i can say.
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Post by Snake » Sat 03 Jul, 2010 11:49 am

1/ We won,t have our full squad back this year lets move on.... 2/ Last nights performance was pathetic 3/ Playing with injured players the coach is obviously under the pump Dumb Dumb .2 points thank you 3 rd spot the desired out come achieved ..there definatly has been a change in attitude as we can graft out a win but this team is out of FORM big time .

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