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Re: Proud

Posted: Sat 10 Jul, 2010 3:31 pm
by Geo.
innsaneink wrote:Its funny how your emotions and feelings can go after a game

While we werent at our best again last night, that game had a semis intensity somewhat about it....the Titans bombed several chances, we did too....but we played tough.
A couple of sets there in the first half i think we lost our way, no go forward at all.....needs to be rectified and it seemd to be at the time.

After the dragons loss I was happy, content, pleased with what I saw despite the result.
Last week I was furious....we were complete crap
Tonite while we didnt execute the best at times the pigs rolled up their sleeves and really took it to the opposition, they all played tough and inspiring....forgot to record the game and am hanging to watch it again.

Well done boys! :sign:
Haven't even seen it yet.......

But that is good to hear......

3rd huh....who'd of thunk it!!!!