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Re: Position on Ladder

Post by Yossarian » Mon 09 Aug, 2010 11:23 am

Golden wrote:
Yossarian wrote:
Golden wrote:so you would rather not win a comp in 30 years, then not make the semis 19 out of 20 years and winning a comp?

I think id take win a comp then losing every year in the big games

I wish I had a dollar eveytime people say the dragons wont choke this time and are a different team this year
Read my post again. Forget the last 30 years, worry about what's happening now.
yes the dragons are choking and so are we and their only 1 game in front of us
They looked pretty good yesterday... Now they're 2 wins ahead. I'm not sure your definition of choking is the same as mine. They lost a few tight games against some good teams and then beat the form team of the comp in a pressure game. We've let winning positions slide away two weeks in a row against poor teams. We were lucky to hang on at Leichhardt and blew it on Sat.

If that wasn't a choke on Saturday night against Souths then I don't know what is.

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