Benji Marshall.....

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Re: Benji Marshall.....

Post by hybrid_tiger » Mon 09 Aug, 2010 11:21 am

T-REXX wrote:yet if it worked he would have been a legend..gimme a break..i didnt see u whinging a few weeks back when he kicked on the 2nd tackle and we scored. i dont see u whinging when he robbie kicked and chased on the 3rd a few weeks ago and we scored..
It works once in every 10 attempts = NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Just like many fundamental errors this team makes, they work at a very poor success rate yet they are still persisted with because of Sheens' stubbornness.

I love Marshall as much as anyone, would not swap him for another player in the game, but these kinds of mistakes are unacceptable if they are repeated over and over again, especially for someone who is on the $$$ he is. I do agree that we have nothing without Benji. We are screaming out for a 7 and a decent bench, but Sheens will provide us with neither.

The rest of your post is hardly worth responding to as it is nothing but pure dribble.

I have said since 2007 that I think we needed a fresh change in the coaching ranks, and I have not changed my mind since, win or lose. So most of your points should not be directed at me champ.

As for me being a sore loser, I am and I make no apologies for that. I hate losing and this was a game that we never should have lost. The problem is it is not a one off, it was a disgusting capitulation that we've already seen before (2007 against Newcastle spring to mind) and is a result of the same tired old ideas and methods being repeated.

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Post by Tigersmurf » Mon 09 Aug, 2010 11:43 am

Great post hybrid!

I wish my posts were as good as yours!!

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Post by boonboon » Mon 09 Aug, 2010 8:01 pm

Great post are you kidding me and your comment about seeing such capitualtion befor and happening time and time again and you came up with an example at least 3 years old - I mean yeah just happens all the time

We lost because Beau had the worst game of his life and Lote wasnt far behind that is what happens - McKinnon plays against souths we win by 30. Despite all the extreme reactions we dominated all the stats just had 2 of our back 3 have incredibly bad games , the others 14 were really good , 1 in Lui was average in defence but Lote didnt help there

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Post by tiger05 » Tue 10 Aug, 2010 7:24 am

boonboon wrote:We lost because Beau had the worst game of his life and Lote wasnt far behind
This is why we lost. And even though they were terrible if Brown takes that grubber or if the refs actually gave a penalty away when it is deserved we win.


Post by smatta » Tue 10 Aug, 2010 1:24 pm

Out of the whole side last week Benji was one of a select few who actually tried to win us the game .

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