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G. Strombolli
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Re: Lui

Post by G. Strombolli » Mon 16 Aug, 2010 11:01 am

hybrid_tiger wrote:Defensively he is a massive liability and costs us at least a try a week with arm grabbing. His defence can only get better in the next couple of years, but he really needs some coaching in this area.

However he is deceptively good in attack when given a chance. IMO Benji and Robbie cut him out too often, they need to have a bit more faith in him. For starters he has a massive boot on him and he should be doing more kicking, especially bombs.

In the last few weeks he hasn't taken on the line enough, today he did exactly that and we reaped the rewards.
Fair assessment. An off-season with a focus on defence will do him a lot of good.

Citizen Tiger
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Post by Citizen Tiger » Mon 16 Aug, 2010 1:37 pm

Kaiser wrote:Like Gus mentioned... the Panthers were completely focus'd on shutting down Marshall and Farah... forgot about Lui completely and everytime he got the ball he had time to kill...

Still not sold... early the first half when he watched that Panthers player stroll past him and not give a stuff was really disappointing...

That said.. he played well and as long as he keeps taking on the line... it will greatly benefit the tigers... Marshall was brilliant today!

He looks a little more comfortable with the first receiver role and his try was a gem, not just for the points, but the fact that it suggested much more confidence. I can't remember Prince pre-Tigers, but would he have been playing to Lui's standard at the same age?

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Post by Poppa » Mon 16 Aug, 2010 2:03 pm

Robert Lui played well,ran the ball,tackled big forwards running at him,kicked well,and set up his supports.He plays like an up and coming 5/8 to me.Ut it was great to see,except for the miss on the ball in goal from the Farrah kick. Well done Robert Lui......

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Cheers Poppa

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Cultured Bogan
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Post by Cultured Bogan » Mon 16 Aug, 2010 2:04 pm

The only two major things I could put fault on yesterday was the bungled meat pie and when he was found drifting when Lote made a break inside of him.
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Post by MGB » Mon 16 Aug, 2010 2:25 pm

The reason it is such a step up from U20's is the one percent plays that really make the difference. Teams are on such an even keel these days that those little plays e.g. Looking to back up Lote really can play a huge part in a teams success. He does some good things but he still needs to step up..I would persevere with him personally. I think this season will do him the world of good, one more pre season behind him and we may have a halfback in the making...although with Moltzen returning who knows what the plan is.

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citizen cub
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Post by citizen cub » Mon 16 Aug, 2010 8:03 pm

Always been a fan of him. He was injected into first grade too early last year. This year, he's had a very solid season and has filled the 7 position well. He leaves defensive lines in their grasp if you give him just the slightest whiff of the line, he did that yesterday and he's done it before. Moltzen and Lui in the same side will give us some real potential in the backs and will release pressure on the likes of Marshall and Farah to come up with the big plays. Moltzen, Farah, Marshall and Lui all in the same team next year will mean we are a dangerous attacking side.
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