Tigers stuffed up by playing at SFS!

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Re: Tigers stuffed up by playing at SFS!

Post by scarcev » Mon 13 Sep, 2010 11:58 am

galahs wrote:Wests Tigers fans outnumbered the roosters fans at the SFS and it really felt like a Wests Tigers home game. The crowd was behind the side and I don't believe playing this game at Campbelltown or LO would have made a difference.

Rubbish, the atmosphere was incredible and it was definately a Tigers home game, when you cant win a scrum with 30 seconds to go the last thing we should be worried about is the venue costing us the game. All you trying to bring the Dragons into this, the reason the Dragons won the penalty count 10-5 was because Manly were awful and trying to upset the rythmn of St George by playing a spoiling game, home ground had zero to do with that game.

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Post by sunshine coast tiger » Mon 13 Sep, 2010 8:45 pm

magpie mania wrote:Sadly alien leumeah was knocked back in favor of blacktown to appease the afl.
new stadium for sydney if we win world cup will be rectangular and not suitable in any way for afl. Ffa is no lover of afl. Ffa wan't blacktown mostly because of the growth there and to p*ss of afl.

The stadium location can change if we win the bid. If the bid is won nrl must lobby both the nsw government and ffa to build the stadium either at liverpool/fairfield (suit dogs, tigers and soccer is strong in this area) or cambpelltown (suit tigers and soccer would have access to a growth area).

Many stadium locations in south africa were changed after the bid was won. Blacktown is a bad choice as no nrl team really needs a ground there and the last thing any nsw government want is a white elephant after the world cup. Leumeah is still a very big chance if we win the cup.[/quote]

you dont make sense how would the ffa go to blacktown p*ss off afl[/quote]

AFL are basing their new Sydney team at Blacktown.

AFL want the world cup of soccer if we get it, to be the lets build AFL all these new stadium and upgrade our other stadiums world cup.

AFL wanted a new stadium in Sydney to be an oval so they could play there. Football Federation Australia are jack of it and have decided to put the new Sydney stadium at Blacktown (right where the second AFL team is based) but football designed and not capable of being used ever for AFL.

It would suit NRL to have this new stadium in Sydney's southwest (Liverpool, Fairfield or Cambpelltown) instead of Blacktown and the NRL must lobby for this to occur.

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Post by alien » Wed 15 Sep, 2010 12:49 am

it should be where campbelltown stadium is now.

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